GUITAR TRAINING : A New Way To Learn Jazz-Guitar...

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What´s new?

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Guitar Training is a new way of learning jazz guitar.
It is a collection of interactive material from beginner level to advanced level.

You might think: „Yet another jazz book… I already own hundreds of them..“ - This one really makes the difference…. You won´t find anything comparable on the jazz market….. (read an enthusiastic review here:)

- improve your playing

- jam along with inspiring backing tracks,
- watch numerous instructional and demonstrational videos,
- practise all scales and arpeggios,
- get to know typical jazz phrases and patterns,
- get deeper insights into the harmonic structure of jazz standards,
- learn how to play great sounding chord voicings,
- print out sheet music and tabulature ..............

It´s all up to you......

Here is a Youtube video giving you a little overview:

Is there a demo available?

Yes, there is a small demo available with just some pages and five audio files just to give you an impression of what you will get. Please send an email to :"" You will receive the demo file link via mail.

Here you find the complete content of Guitartraining XL and the add-ons: click